Buying a Boston condo for sale is a unique proposition in and of itself.  It is very different than buying a home and there are different items you should be aware of. Consider these seven things before you start searching for your first Boston condo for sale.


Choosing a Boston downtown neighborhood for your condo comes with a numerous variables like, do you have a car? Can you walk to work? Do I want to be near certain amenities like favorite restaurants, bars or coffee shops? Obviously these are also considerations you make when choosing a neighborhood for your new downtown Boston condo, however when speaking of  Boston condos usually these amenities are right at your doorsteps. Also there are far fewer options for condo neighborhoods, so really knowing what is important to you will help you decide where to hone on your Boston condo for sale search.

Some of the more popular condo neighborhoods in Boston are the Midtown District, Beacon Hill, Charles River Park and the Boston Seaport District.

Size & Bedrooms

The majority of Boston condos for sale are 1 bedroom units, so knowing how much room you need is key. Boston 1 bedroom condos can range in square footage from 500 sq. ft to 3,500 sq. ft.  There is a large discrepancy between pricing of these units so understanding how much space you need will help you stay on budget and simplify the search.

If you think you need 2 bedrooms but intend to use the second bedroom as an office you may find that a 1 bedroom + den unit will be suitable for your needs. These units will be listed in the MLS as 1 bedroom condos, so ask your realtor to filter the listings for you during your search.

Pets & Parks

Even though Boston is a pet friendly city, not all buildings allow pets so be sure you make this need known upfront, as to eliminate those buildings that restrict pets from your search.  Also if you have dogs specifically be sure to consider how close the condo building is to parks.

Boston’s condo neighborhoods all have good parks, however the Beacon Hill and Midtown are a stroll away from the Boston Common and The Public Garden. Beacon Hill is also close to the Charles River and Esplanade.

Boston Condo Views

So maybe by now you have narrowed your search to a few buildings that fit your needs, but you still need to consider the view that is important to you.If the Boston Common view is important you may want to view Boston high rise condos in Midtown or a brownstone on the south slope of Beacon Hill. However, if you’re looking for water views perhaps the Boston Seaport condos for sale would be more to your liking.

If a river view is a must, then you are in luck and have plenty of options. Both Beacon Hill and Back Bay offer a variety of buildings that have amazing Charles River views.  Be warned, they do come at a price!

Rental Caps

You may not purchase your Boston condo with the idea that you will be renting it out, however rental caps is still an important piece to the decision. Life happens and you never know when you might need to make a change It is always good to have options and selling may not be the best thing at that given time depending on the market conditions.

Also, knowing where the building stands with relation to the rental cap will help you understand who your potential neighbors might be.

Boston Condo Association

All Boston Condo buildings are regulated by Condo Associations, each offer differing amenities at varying prices. The condo fee might cover things like reserves, maintenance, management, shared space and utilities. The fees are usually determined by the size of the unit an can range from a couple hundred dollars up to the thousands.

It is always a great idea to check the condo meeting minutes to make sure there aren’t any known issues with the building or the management. Signs of future assessments and litigation would show up in the minutes months before they came about.


There are a few buildings that have a concierge service in each of the condo neighborhoods. A concierge is someone in the lobby of the building that manages door entry, mail and messages among other duties. They serve as a friendly presence to greet you and your guests as you come and go and offer another layer of security for the building.

It is possible to search Boston condos based upon concierge service so be sure to make that known if this is a requirement for your condo search.