We are starting to see the very beginning of some changes to the Boston condo for sale market. No, it’s not a crash or a bubble bursting….it’s called a “normal” real estate market. And as part of this change we want to share 5 Reasons why you should list Boston condos for sale vacant.

5 Reasons You Should Never Boston Condos for Sale Vacant

Just this other day, I did a walk-through with my Buyers that are about to close on their first new Charles River Park condo By now, the Seller has moved out of his Boston Beacon Hill condo listed for sale, and boy oh boy, did it ever look different without the furniture in the home. So let me take this real life example and let’s talk about these reasons…..

People Don’t Buy Boston Condos for Sale, They Buy Homes

One of the main reasons a buyer buys a home, is well, it “felt like home.” In our case, the home felt warm and inviting! When we did our inspection, we sat on the couch for a good 90 minutes! Talk about getting a “feel” for living there! If that living room had just been empty space, it would have not felt like home, and my Boston Beacon Hill Condo Buyers may not have been able to “see” themselves living there. I remember how they wanted to know where they bought the couch….and wanted one just like it!) A room with no furniture is cold and uninviting….

Without Furniture, There is No Frame of Reference

It can be hard to really tell just how large a room is. And this is especially true for Boston condos for sale.“Will my king-sized bed fit in here?” is a question I’m asked all the time, especially for Boston Beacon Hill condos for sale. Now, if there was one there was a bed there, we would know. This also applies to other rooms in a Boston condo for sale, for example the kitchen. But when that kitchen or breakfast nook has a table, chairs and some other decor, it’s much easier to see the space and how it will work for the buyer. 

An Empty Room Changes the Focus






Imagine looking at a new car that has no paint on it! Would you notice the model, features or would you notice it has no paint? So you are focusing on the wrong thing! 

When the Boston condo for sale is empty, a buyer will focus on anything else there is to look at. Maybe it’s the paint color, or wallpaper, or a chip/crack in the tile floor. When your Beacon Hill condo for sale is furnished, or professionally staged, this brings the focus to the positive aspects of your home, not the negatives! This can even be true of outdoor space. Maybe the deck of a downtown condo overlooks something less desirable…but if it’s furnished, you will be thinking out enjoying using the space more so than the fact the view is not so awesome. (and yes, sometimes even staging will not overcome these kinds of issues!)

Only Ten Percent of Home Buyers Can Actually Visualize the Potential of a Boston Condo for Sale

Ever heard someone say, “You have no imagination!” Well, the same can go for an empty Boston condos for sale. Some people can’t visualize how the couch would fit in the living room. Or how sitting on the balcony, taking in the sunset or city lights view would feel…if the balcony is empty. Even a bathroom….candles and some accessories around the bath can make one imagine relaxing there after a long day….

Two Mortgages Are More Expensive Than One!

Take into consideration that a vacant Boston Seaport condo can take much longer to sell….and the longer it “sits”on the market, we end up making price adjustments to get it sold! And if you have moved and bought another home, you are now making two mortgage payments. Would you not rather have this one sold, and only be making the one? 

Professional Boston Condos for Sale Staging

Professional staging does cost you, the Seller, money…yes. But what’s the cost of those extra mortgage payments? Or that $10-15,000 price reduction to get the home sold? The cost of staging will probably be less.

So at the beginning, we mentioned a “normal” real estate market. That is where you may put your home on the market, and instead of it being Under Contract in a day or a week, it actually could take 30, 60, even 90 days to sell! Now, keep in mind, this will depend on the amount of inventory in the neighborhood or building where you live, the price, etc. But, if and when we see this change, it will be critical for us, as your Listing Agent to help you get your Beacon Hill home or condo sold as quickly as we can. And we need to look at all the steps necessary…including your home not being vacant! 


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