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Boston Real Estate for Sale


Boston condos for sale: Downsizing to a Boston condo

Boston Real Estate One More Move

Are you of the age (40+) where you might move one more time?  Here are my resources to assist you.

Reasons to move again:

  1. Be closer to the family (primarily to be near the grandkids).
  2. Change from Beacon Hill condo walks up to a high rise condo building.
  3. Looking for a new Boston downtown condo neighborhood for you.

Being closer to family, and especially to be near the grandkids, is high up the list of reasons for seniors to move. Not only will it be easier for you to get some help from them as you grow older, but they will appreciate the free babysitting and help around the house!

If that means you will be leaving the downtown Boston real estate market Ford Realty Inc., is the best at finding you a quality agent in your new neighborhood.  

Are you thinking about buying into a Boston high rise condo?

We have a large selection of Boston high rise condos on our Boston real estate website here – it might ask you to sign-in but I promise I won’t call you every day until you buy or die:

Boston Real Estate and Empty-Nesters

Today’s video topic of discussion will be about downsizing especially how it applies to empty-nesters. The video below will discuss: downsizing, decluttering, mistakes to avoid, the emotions of leaving you large home for a Boston condo, the decisions, helping elderly family members, preparing to downsize, moving into a smaller Boston condo.

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