In today’s world, buying and selling in this Boston condo market is a challenge.  Anyone thinking about buying and selling real estate ponders the same question – is it the right time?  For those wanting to be near the Boston lifestyle, it is always the time.

Selling your Boston condo

Boston condo sellers must consider several things when determining whether it is a good time to list a home including the sale price of comparable homes, the total number of sales and pending properties in a given month, and how long it takes to sell a your Boston condo.

Buying a Boston condo

Boston condo buyers need to act if they want to buy in downtown Boston condo market as homes sales have shown solid gains over the past year.  While there is still the opportunity to buy at lower prices than several years ago, the tide is turning and will, more than likely, continue to increase.  For those seriously considering buying a home in Boston, do not sit on the fence for very long.  The amount of time on them market is not long making it necessary to “pull the trigger” as they say in the sales industry.  There are deals out there for buyers, especially with condominium homes, but it is necessary to make a decision at this point in time before the increases continue.

Relocating to Boston

Boston is lucky in that four excellent school districts serve this wonderful place.  This is the kind of information needed for relocating.  Working with our experienced agents who know the area is helpful in that you have the best sources of information at your fingertips.  Not only can we provide you with the most up to date real estate listings, we can also give you our first-hand knowledge of everything involved in relocating to the area.  

Boston condo sales market

There are definitely advantages and disadvantages in the current Boston condo market.  Prices are on the rise and it doesn’t look like its going to let up.  The biggest advantage of Boston is that people have a desire to live here for out lifestyle and there is no better place to do that than in downtown Boston.

Whether you are buying or selling, our agents know the market and can help craft a plan to list and sell your home or help you find the home that meets and exceeds your needs and desires. Even with distressed property, we know and understand this market, and can give you the latest information should you decide to go that route.

Living here is the ultimate in an ideal lifestyle.  Be part of it!