Boston condos for sale: Sometimes you need to compromise:

Boston condo buyers usually have a wish list for the condo type and neighborhood in which they want to live in—and a budget that may not allow for all the amenities on their wish list

I learned long ago that part of my job as a Boston real estate agent is to help condo buyers to think outside the box when it comes to getting what they want within their budget. If I had a slice of pizza for every time one of my clients purchased a home that wasn’t exactly what they initially described, I’d be four hundred pounds. BTW I’m more than 1/2 way their. Will discuss that latter.

Back to the subject, to give you a feel for what I’m talking about, here are five things that are typically on Boston condo buyer wish lists—and the trade-offs you can consider to get you the functionality and central location that will work for you:

1. A Boston condo with outdoor space under $400,000. We’ll call this the Boston condo dream. But the reality is that Boston condos outside of Boston proper in areas like Allston. Brighton and if you’re willing to go to Quincy it’s attainable.

2. A two-bedroom condo. This is the most popular type of condo. Numerous two-bedrooms have sold in 2018 so far. But there’s frequently competition among two-bedroom condos with all the amenities, and perhaps your budget only allows for up to $1M or less. In that case, consider a “one-bedroom plus.” What’s the “plus?” A den/large alcove without a door that could totally work as an office or guest space. The one-bedroom plus den is a popular option among new construction offerings.

3. A condo with deeded parking. Boston is a parking-challenged city in more ways than one. There are many multi-unit buildings that can’t accommodate parking for every one of their residents, like in my neighborhood on Beacon Hill. In that case, consider a leased space nearby. This is particularly fitting if you take the T to work and only use your car in the evening or on weekends. MGH you can rent weekend parking spaces (Or, for that matter, consider selling your car and using a combination of car-sharing services, public transportation, bikes, and scooters.) Boston is a very friendly Bike town.

4. A second bathroom. Ah, the holy grail of the amenity set. Loving that Boston condo that only has one bathroom? Keep the faith, there are ways to add one during your ownership. For example, a large closet positioned next to the existing full bathroom off the hall is a popular location for an additional full bath. You can tie in to the plumbing that’s already there, and add another closet or large armoire for storage space.

5. A three-bedroom condos. One where all three bedrooms are on the main level, right? And equal size. I’ll spare you the sales data on this one. Suffice to say, that floor plan is in high demand. Consider two solid options—a sunroom attached to two rear bedrooms (great office or baby space), or move outside  of Boston. like Arlington just few minutes to Boston.

The main point here is that you can’t look at  real estate in a general way; it all comes down to the details. Let your agent know what you need and why you need it. A good agent will be able to point you in the direction of homes that will get you what you want without exceeding your budget.



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