So you’ve selected a Boston condo, you have a signed Offer and a signed P&S. All your contingencies have been approved and now its closing day for your first Boston condo.

What a buyer can expect on closing day:

  1. You will most likely meet at your lawyers or sellers office. Recently I’ve had closings at the Suffolk Register Of Deeds in downtown Boston. Who will be there? You, your lawyer, the seller and his/her attorney
  2. The first question you’ll be asked is to show a valid/current ID. Example a Massachusetts drives license.
  3. Be prepared to have your funds for the closing. You can either bring a cashier’s check or have the wire transferred to the sellers attorney before the closing. No personal checks will be allowed.
  4. Expect to sign a lot of paper work. Don’t worry your attorney will guide you through this process.
  5. After the paper work is signed and funds distributed, you will officially be a Boston condo owner.

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