When you’re searching for Boston condos or penthouses for sale, the right realtor can mean the difference between finding the Boston condo of your dream or a long, fruitless search. Here are 4 realtor red flags all Boston condo buyers should watch for and avoid.

1. Part-Time Commitment

Though many Boston condo realtors choose to moonlight on the side of another job, this is not necessarily the type of agent you want on your side. In a hot Boston condo market, good properties can go under agreement in a matter of hours, which means your agent has to be ready to show you a home at a moment’s notice and be available on the phone to wheel and deal on your behalf.

2. Different Specialization

No matter how much you like a realtor, it’s not the right fit if he or she isn’t intimately familiar with the type of properties you’re searching for. For example, if you have your heart set on a Boston Leather District loft but the agent has never worked with someone buying that type of property, someone with more experience would be a more appropriate choice.

3. No References

Buying a Boston condo is a very personal transaction, which means when it goes well, the client is likely to have good things to say about his or her realtor. If an agent you’re considering is reluctant to give references, it’s likely he or she won’t be a great choice for you.

4. Lack of Communication

Even full-time realtors can be challenging to connect with, but you shouldn’t work with an agent who doesn’t return calls quickly, doesn’t use email effectively, or has a full voice mailbox. Similarly, if you prefer to communicate by text, finding an agent who does the same can make the process flow much more smoothly.

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