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Everyone wants our economy to get back to normal. We especially want to continue with Sunday worship, Sunday Open Houses and eventually Boston Red Sox and New England Patriot football games. Our trusted medical people tell us that things need to move slowly for reasons of safety and to prevent overloading our health care system. Claiming that civil liberty is a justification for holding large services with large crowds before the experts believe it to be safe is both irresponsible and reckless. Liberty is not license and needs to be exercised responsibly.

The Boston economy is coming back!

Thankfully, we are beginning the slow process of recovering from this Covid -19 pandemic. It has thrown the Boston real estate market into a deep freeze, and has divided some of us into our political corners. Regardless of the things that may distinguish us, we are part of one community. If we do not act out of this simple principle, we can endanger one another. Wearing masks, for the time being, will demonstrate our care for one another. It will also keep us safe and prevent avoidable deaths. Our faith and the future of our economic recovery demands nothing less!

Boston condos for sale – Open Houses

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