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There’s this couple who wanted to list their Boston condo for sale in January 2020. The problem was they both couldn’t agree on a sales price for their Boston High rise condo. Nor could they compromise on when to place it on the market. The Boston real estate broker (not me) suggested they should list it as soon as possible to get a jump start on the 2020 Spring Boston real estate for sale market.

To make a long story short, they both agreed to list their high rise condo in the week or so with their Boston real estate broker friend. Hers’s a thought:  Think about how much money their quarreling may of cost them since the COVID-19 outbreak.

Now I know you might be thinking the moral of this story is that you should listen to your Boston real estate broker, but it’s not – it’s about squabbles.

Boston Condo Selling Squabbles

A large percent of Millennial sellers, aged 25 to 39, argued with a significant other over selling a home (85 percent) while a smaller share of baby boomer sellers, 55 years and older, argued about the home selling process (54 percent), indicating that life experience – and a higher likelihood of being a repeat seller – may help couples weather the tension that can come with a home sale. 

Of couples who argued over the home selling process, a majority (69 percent) fought about at least one of three financial decisions: what price to list the home for, whether to drop the price, and whether to accept an offer. 

Many also argued over the following hassles of a traditional sale:

  • Whether or not to make repairs (24 percent)
  • Strangers walking through the home during open houses (24 percent)
  • Keeping the house clean for showings (23 percent)
  • Uncertainty over whether the house would sell or not (21 percent)

I’m reminded of this fable:

A father whose sons constantly quarreled asked them to bring him a bundle of sticks and then challenged each in turn to break the bundle over their knees, which they found impossible. The father then split the bundle and showed how each individual stick could easily be broken.

“United you are strong; quarreling and separated and you are weak,” The father said.

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