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The Wall Street Journal had a story out on Monday called “Where Housing Is Headed”.

Basically, down.

Anyway, the story was about how areas that have stayed strong over the past year or two may be headed for more trouble.

How’d Boston do?

Not too shabby.

Metro area: Boston
Overall “strength”: Moderate
Change in housing inventory (Dec 2007 vs. one year prior): -8.3%
Months’ supply: 5
Price change (one year): -3.6%
Employment outlook (compared to rest of US, through 2009): Weak
Loan payments overdue: 3.53%

Of course, no mention of what they mean by “Boston”; most likely, “Greater Boston” is more accurate.

Source: Where Housing Is Headed : A look at fundamental indicators in 28 major real-estate markets – By James R. Hagerty, The Wall Street Journal

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