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With a shortage of available Boston condo for sale and bidding wars driving up the price on whatever does hit the market, Boston is part of an exclusive list of cities boasting a large increase in its share of million-dollar listings.

According to new data from, the share of homes listed for $1 million and over is steadily on the rise across the U.S., and it has increased in Bopston

9.94%  from the first quarter of 2014 to the first quarter of 2017.

Boston ranks 7th among 10 cities cited for the biggest percentage gain.


Hey, what the heck is blue-blooded Boston—certainly no stranger to luxury dwellings—doing on this list of newbie million-dollar homes? While it’s true that Louisburg Square and Beacon Hill have no shortage of red-brick townhouses fetching $10 million or more, there’s new growth far from such trophy addresses, or those in wealthy suburbs like Brookline. An epic building boom in recent years has added thousands more luxury housing units, mostly apartments, in every corner of this town.

Ambitious developers have shoehorned glaringly modern, glassy apartments into neighborhoods of historic row houses. In the gloriously expensive South End and West End, condo units with custom cabinetry and 16-inch-deep cast-iron tubs range from $1 million to $2 million. Occasionally, you’ll come across a single-family home, but they usually start at $3 million.

Even perennially working-class neighborhoods like South Boston have seen a budding market for million-dollar homes.

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