More on this tomorrow, but here’s the 411.

Let me just say, it had its good parts and its bad parts.

The good parts included a fairly okay day, overall, with the weather, after all was said and done.

The bad parts included a very, very difficult trek up Heartbreak Hill, at which point I considered stopping. Not walking, mind you, but stopping. Like, getting on a subway car and coming home. Surprisingly, the walking didn’t adversely affect my performance.

I’m glad I stuck it out. The last five miles were an experience I’ll never forget. It really is as great as they say.

5k – 27 min
10k – 54 min (27 min)
15k – 1:21 hours (27 min)
20k – 1:49 hours (28 min)
Half – 1:55 hours
25k – 2:17 hours (28 min)
30k – 2:48 hours (31 min)
35k – 3:25 hours (37 min)
40k – 3:56 hours (31 min)

Finish: 4:10 hours.

Thank you to everyone who made donations to Pine Street Inn on my behalf.

There’s still time if you want to contribute (maybe you thought I wouldn’t finish?).

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