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The typical day of a Midtown/downtown landlord involves more than collecting rent and doing the odd repair job. One day, a landlord could be dealing with tenants who are disrupting neighbors. Then, they may get a call in the middle of the night to fix a burst pipe. The next day, they could be closing the deal on buying a new property. So, there is probably no typical day for a landlord.

Being a landlord has its perks. But you must be willing to say goodbye to the nine-to-five routine and embrace a 24/7 working mentality. If you want to be a successful landlord, it’s vital to understand what a typical day can involve.

Of course, what an average landlord does every day depends on several factors. There is the accidental landlord who manages a downtown Midtown condo. Then, there are landlords managing units in high rise condo buildings and hundreds of rental units.

Some Boston midtown real estate sellers who are having difficultly selling their property are turning to renting out their condo instead. I have noticed  lately that many Boston midtown properties listed in the MLS are available for both for sale and for rent.

Current Boston Midtown Rental Inventory

Currently there are 36 Boston midtown real estate rental properties in downtown Boston listed on Multiple Listing Service. They range from a studio at 151 Tremont Street for $2,300 to a 3 bedroom at 1 Franklin Street, for $40,000 per month.

Boston Midtown Real Estate – Buy or Rent?

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