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Why is it that when we are in an elevator in a Boston Midtown condho that we clam up and try to avoid the person standing within inches of us? Don’t we realize that we could be missing out on meeting our future: attorney, tax preparer, life instructor, hook up to the hottest club in town, neighbor or person who may have mutual interests and can share many memorable moments with.

As a society it seems as if elevators are off limits.

What is my point in all this??? We are living in an urban environment where people are on top of each other and side by side. If we are comfortable there than why not be comfortable in the metal box that allows no cell phone reception that takes us up and down. Did you ever think that maybe the elevator allows no reception specifically to promote neighborly interactions? Was Otis conspiring to have people talk to each other?

Next time, and I’m telling myself this as well, a simple smile- how are you- my name is _____-it was nice to meet you, might change the whole outcome of your day in a positive way. It may make your day and theirs

You never know…

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