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As far as I’m concerned, there are three or four growth businesses in Boston.

These are: colleges / universities, hospitals, tourism, and … I’m not sure, either bio-tech or financial services.

I was planning on getting around to writing a column for the South End News on how Boston isn’t doing enough to encourage these types of businesses. Tom Keane beat me to it.

From today’s Globe:

Higher education is Boston’s golden goose, the linchpin of our high-tech, knowledge-based economy. It’s a goose we often love to hate, kicking it around the barnyard when it annoys us and demanding things we wouldn’t really ask of any other bird. And why not? It’s not as if the goose is going anywhere, right?

Or maybe it is. Graduation ceremonies have just passed, and things may seem good right now. Yet the Boston area’s colleges and universities face tough times. Worse, globalization and the Internet threaten to change fundamentally the ways in which they do business. Someday soon, the goose may fly the coop.

If the goose flies, we’re all in trouble.

We need leadership that is focused on encouraging these types of businesses, not discouraging them. Leadership that is focused on what’s best for “the city”, not just those with the loudest voices (yes, Beacon Hill Civic Association, I’m talking about you).

How Town Hurts Gown – By Tom Keane, The Boston Globe

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