The happiest Americans live in Honolulu and the most miserable live in St. Petersburg Florida.

Men’s Health magazine compiled a list of the happiest and saddest cities in America. They calculated suicide and unemployment rates, as well as the percentage of households using anti-depressants.

Boston came in at #5 as one the happiest cities, although I was surprise we ranked below Fargo “Yah y’betcha” North Dakota, which came in third. Would you like to see the top 10? As they say in Fargo – Okiedokie:

10. Plano, TX A-
9. Burlington, VT A-
8. St. Paul, MN A-
7. Sioux Falls, SD A-
6. Madison, WI A-
5. Boston, MA A-
4. Omaha, NE A
3. Fargo, ND A
2. Manchester, NH A
1. Honolulu, HI A+

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