“Fake news” has become one of those terms that has became popular as a results of our political climate, but to some degree it also applies to Boston real estate. In today;s Boston real estate market Boston condo owners have often read about selling ideas that promises to get their Midtown condo sold quickly, but more often than not, these “selling ideas” are often fall into the category of fake news. 

Here is a list of fake Boston real estate news that you should be aware of heading into 2020 

Fake News #1: It’s Just like Reality TV

If you like so many sellers have watched the real estate TV shows, you’ve probably seen clips of buyers and sellers negotitate the real estate process. What you might not beaware of is that they’re often scripted and don’t provide an accurate idea of what it takes to sell your Beacon Hill condo for sale.

Lenght of time to sell 

One fake news concept created by these TV shows is the length of time it takes to sell Real Estate.  As you can image it actually takes a lot more than two or three showings to close a deal. In reality, Boston Hill real estate can sit on the market for 60 to 100 days or more, and the closing process might last for up to 40 days. 

Bottom Line

Don’t be fooled into fake news and instant gratification, it’s best to speak with your Boston real estate broker to create a realistic timeline before listing.

Fake News #2: Saving money by Selling Without a Boston real estate broker

Many Beacon Hill condo sellers are tempted to list their condominium as “for sale by owner” thinking they can save money and avoid a Boston real estate commission. However,this has been documented (verfied) not to always  be true.  As a Boston real estate broker we have to juggle many item—we perform everything from Boston condominium value analyzers to Google marketers to Escrow agent, all of which requires hand on knowlege When you decide to sell on your own, all of those responsibilities becomes the sellers, and it’s a lot to take on.

In the begining it might seem like you’re saving money on a Boston real estate commission by doing it yourself, but as stated this is not always the cae.

Bottom Line

The fact is, in a recent study by the National Association of Realtors notes that the average FSBO home price was $60,000 less than one sold by a Realtor . That’s a $60,000 price difference, out of your pocket.

Fake News  #3: Boston Real Estate Should be Sold in Warm Weather

It’s true more Boston real estate is sold in warmer weather, but that doesn’t mean you should only list your Boston Midtown condo during those months. In fact, there are some benefits to selling during the winter.

Many Boston condo buyers in the brutal New England winters are often more motivated to buy a Midtown condo, because of relaoticon or a change in their personal life for 2020.

Bottom Line

In otherwords, they’ll likely have their finances in order, which speeds up the buying process. You’ll also deal with less competition as a Seller, which will make your Beacon Hill condominium stand out more.

Fake News #4: I Know the Maket and i can Price my Own home

You need to be aware of the mistakes to avoid when it comes to pricing your Beacon Hill condo. Many Boston downtown homeowners believe they know their home best and can set their own price, plus they can use Google and look up online Boston real estate estimators to help get an accurate sales price, but this isn’t necessarily the case.

Bottom Line

It’s also crucial to be wary of online home estimators that promise instant results. Believe it or not, they won’t take into account any recent upgrades or repairs you’ve made on your home. A website also lacks the same personal touch as a real person. An agent will do thorough research into real estate trends in your area, as well as other properties that have sold nearby. Their hyper-local analysis paints a better picture of what your home can actually sell for.

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