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You may have noticed a new feature on the Boston Real Estate Blog.

I am now receiving (and paying for …) the Inman News feed.

These are stories written by experts in the real estate field, syndicated and distributed by Inman News.

You’ll be able to tell it’s an Inman News story by the icon in the upper left corner of each story.

If you want to read all the Inman News stories, there’s an icon in the middle column of this page, which will take you just to those posts.

Now you have no reason to visit, at all!

(This is as good a place as any to remind you that you can easily add the Boston Real Estate Blog to your favorite RSS reader – there are icons for Google, Yahoo! and Feedburner, in the right-hand column.)

(Also, this site looks best using Safari, regardless of whether you use a Mac or PC. Second best is Firefox; site looks worst using Internet Explorer. Sorry!)

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