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Downtown Boston real estate is down from this time last year. Prior to the COVID-19 This area was already seeing historically low levels of inventory.

Why am I bringing this up?  Because for sellers who planned on selling this spring, the timeline obviously got pushed back, but many Boston real estate leaders feel there is going to be huge pent up demand and there WILL be buyers who want to buy once the coronavirus passes.

On a micro level, the downtown Boston real estate area was in an incredibly strong housing market just a month ago.  We were seeing companies relocating to the Seaport area along with numerous restaurants opening up.  All of which will continue once the coronavirus subsides.    There will also be pent up demand for those services and hopefully many who lost their jobs will find employment again soon.  

Sellers will you be ready once the market opens?

Are you spending any extra time you have now getting your Boston condo for sale?  If you thought about selling this spring, now you have additional time to get your home ready.  If you need help assistance preparing your home for sale, let’s start a virtual tour on your property. 

Boston Real Estate for Sale and the Bottom Line

Use this time wisely if listing your downtown condo is in your near future.

On your market…. get set….

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