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As we continue to soldier through this pandemic, there is one lesson that is abundantly clear: we are all in the same boat together. This crisis will end. It may not be tomorrow or next week or even next month. We all know that it will end and the process of rebuilding our lives, our economy and our community will begin. While the end date may not be in sight, we know it will only come when we marshal all of our forces and getting, mostly everyone, marching in the same direction.

In his award winning book,The World is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty first Century, Thomas Friedman ratchets up the notion of globalization and convincingly argues we live in such an interconnected world that what happens in Bangalore, India at noon can  have consequences  in  Podunk,  Kentucky  an  hour  later. “Spaceship Earth” is more than an attraction at Epcot in Florida. We share one planet. Like gravity, we are all inescapably affected by the same forces that shape our lives. Today, one of these forces is Covid19.

As people of faith, we see each other as sisters and brothers. We also know, in faith, that we are responsible for one another.

If we fast forward to the Florida beaches and demonstrations in Michigan, it  is  not  too  difficult  to realize that the actions of people who are thousands of miles away may very well have dire consequences for our own community. Covid19 is a clear and present danger for all of us. It is so contagious that I can feel very healthy and, at the same time, be transmitting the virus to others. While most people who contract the virus will recover, many will not. Unlike heart disease or cancer, this infectious virus can jump from person to person in a nanosecond, rendering it a threat to the well being of each of us. When I make a mistake and do something wrong, shame on me. But when I do something wrong that I know is wrong, we call this a sin. While we need to be slow to judge the actions of others, we should not close our eyes to reality. Ignoring the facts surrounding this pandemic and acting without regard to the health and well being of others is behavior that is inexcusable. The common good demands that we care for one another by wearing masks, keeping our distance, praying for an end to this crisis and not endangering others by selfish and reckless behavior.

With that said, we need to get Bostonian’s back to work. I support Gov. Baker logic we can’t do this until we hit the apex. Once we see a downward trend on the coronanvirsus outbreak, we can begin the move forward and come out of our hibernation

As a Boston real estate broker, I’ll practice social-distancing, but with that said, we’re still in business and we can rent out Beacon Hill apartments via video and using proper masks when viewing empty Beacon Hill apartments.

In the meantime, keep the faith.

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