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Boston real estate for sale: Remodeling your Beacon Hill kitchen in 2020

One of the first items I would tackle in the kitchen is the Kitchen cabinets.

If you’re planning on listing your Beacon Hill property for sale in 2020, and also planning to do some repair yourself on the unit. you may want to continue reading.

Beacon Hill Kitchen Cabinet Updates for 2020

Repaint cabinets

Repainting  kitchen cabinets is one of the more easier upgrade that can be done. It will make them look brand new. As you are aware, white or grey are by far the most popular colors, and the most appealing to home buyers.

Before you start here are some tips

  1. Clean the cabinet doors and wipe the inside of cabinets.
  2. Remove cabinet doors and hinges, labeling as you go.
  3. Prime, then sand the doors lightly.
  4. Paint the doors — front and back, plus the edges. Use a high quality paint that will leave a clean, smooth finish.
  5. Paint the cabinets themselves.
  6. When everything is dry, reinstall the doors, using new hardware if you’re choosing to update the hardware as well

Replace cabinet hardware 

You can update the look of your cabinets without going through all the effort of painting simply by replacing the handles, hinges and drawer pulls. To do this, you’ll want to remove a cabinet door and take it shopping with you so that you can match up the size, hinge overlay and screw holes. Match the hardware style to your kitchen’s overall style for the best look. For example, ceramic or brass/nickel knobs go well with the traditional shaker-style cabinets (recessed center panel). A more modern kitchen will do well with bar-style handles and pulls. 

The most important rule for selecting new cabinet hardware is functionality. Avoid small latches and slippery knobs. Because many Portland home buyers are seeking to retire and age-in-place, they’ll appreciate hardware that adheres to universal design rules — can be opened with one hand, and is easy to grip. Avoid hardware that protrudes at middle heights, which creates a risk of catching on clothing. 

Boston Real Estate – Bottom Line 

We hope we’ve given you some ideas for upgrading your kitchen cabinets to get your Beacon Hill home ready for the Spring 2020 Boston real estate market.

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