Buyers from many walks of life are discovering the advantages of Boston condo living.

Whether you’re a first-time Boston condo for sale buyer looking for an affordable way to own a home, a busy professional with little time to devote to home maintenance, or an empty-nester who’s “right-sizing,” a condo may be a good choice for you.

Boston Real Estate: Condo Advantages

  • A condo is very low maintenance; landscaping and maintenance of the exterior structure are typically handled by the homeowners’ association. This is attractive if you’re not “handy” or if you have a busy lifestyle that doesn’t leave much time for home maintenance.
  • Some Boston real estate condos offer amenities such as pools, tennis courts, clubhouses, and walking trails, which may not be available with many detached homes.
  • Newer Seaport condos for sale  construction offers greatly improved sound barriers and fire walls.
  • The proximity of neighbors may give owners a greater sense of security.

Boston Real Estate: Condo Disadvantages

  • Boston condo dues increase your monthly outgoings and can rise in the future as maintenance and repair costs go up. Increases or decreases in condo fees usually must be approved by the condo association, but check the community bylaws before making an offer to purchase a Boston condo.
  • Condo Association covenants and by-laws may restrict the way you can use or improve your property. Again, be sure to read them carefully before making an offer.
  • Available parking for guests may be limited.
  • Typically, there is less storage space than in a detached home.

Before purchasing any downtown Boston real estate, consider the potential for resale. To determine if the property you’re considering is a good investment, ask about the condo market in your area.

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