Mayor Walsh has issued a letter to landlords, realtors and rental brokers officially requesting that they alter their practices around apartment showings.

“These adjustments are being made to limit contact between unrelated parties to slow the transmission of COVID-19. In addition, medically vulnerable tenants may reside in apartments that will be put on the market for rent. Showing these occupied apartments may put a tenant at risk,” the letter reads. “We also recognize that tenants, especially college students, are looking to sublet or otherwise move from their current living situation very quickly. We are asking all brokers to work closely with these tenants to identify suitable alternatives to an in-person showing to the greatest extent possible.”

The letter outlines several precautions that brokers need to be taking, including: Using videos, photos, and descriptions of properties in place of tours, as much as possible; refraining from showing occupied units unless “absolutely necessary” and even then “with as much advance notice as possible”; prospective tenants who are ill are prohibited from viewing a unit in person; open houses should not be held, and individual showings should minimize contact and follow all other CDC-recommended precautions for limited the spread of COVID-19 (washing hands, sanitizing surfaces, maintaining a six-foot distance, the whole nine yards.”

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