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Getting older often means living alone.

According to the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University, more than 40% of people at least age 65 live alone, and 57% of people in their 80s live alone.

At the same time, atop nearly every list of retirement worries is this one: running out of money.

For open-minded seniors living on their own, adding a roommate, or becoming the roommate, can be a savvy move. Sure, just like in your 20s, you don’t want the roommate from hell. But come on, by now you know what you like and don’t like. Your vetting skills are sharp. And perhaps you already have a network of friends who might be up for considering the move, or for helping you find a good match.

The math is compelling. The average monthly Social Security check-in 2020 is around $1,500. Sharing the rent, or the carrying costs for a home that one of you owns becomes a whole lot easier on two checks.

Or maybe you’re a suburban empty-nester itching to live in the city, yet don’t think you have the retirement income to make the move. Might sharing city rent make it doable?

Sharing Boston condo or apartment costs can free up money to add in supportive services. A housekeeper a few times a month can be especially valued later in life. 

Source: Harvard University

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