Whether you have dreams of breaking into the Tech biz or you’re drawn by the gorgeous architecture of Beacon Hill or unmatched  culture of Back Bay, Boston is calling your name. Before you pack your bags, get ready for your new home, review our complete moving guide to Boston.

Know the Neighborhoods

Maybe you have always wanted to a Beacon Hill apartment for rent, but chances are if you’re new to the city, you aren’t sure which of  the neighborhoods you should call home. Back Bay, Midtown or the Seaport. Start by narrowing your search to a target region: Back Bay, Midtown or the Seaport. From there, spend some time browsing each neighborhood to decide which you feel comfortable with.

Save Your Money

Because the job market here is competitive, it can be challenging to find a position if you’re not already in the city. Research the cost of living in downtown Boston and make sure you have the savings to cover a few months of expenses before signing a lease.

Set a Budget

If you’re planning to rent, the median cost of a one-bedroom apartment at $2,360 a month, or $3,500 for a two-bedroom place in many Boston downtown areas . If you’re looking at Boston condos for sale, prepare to go north of $500,000 for downtown Boston real estate according to Zillow, though of course you’ll find  properties on both sides of that average.

Have a Transit Game Plan

If you already have a job, you’ll want to live near where you work. This is especially important if you plan to get by without a car, which can be done in Boston. However, choosing the right neighborhood is key to minimizing the walking distance to public transportation

When you’re ready to browse for the perfect Boston real estate, contact our experienced realtors. We have expert knowledge of the many downtown Boston neighborhoods and can recommend the ideal location for your situation.

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