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One of the things that Boston listing agents do is obtain feedback from buyers agents after they have seen a condo. It is part of the job that a listing agent does. They either call or email the buyer’s agent and ask what the buyer thought. The question is: is it appropriate for a buyer’s agent to provide any feedback without the buyer saying it is okay? What if the buyer is riding in the car with their agent and discussing the condo, discussing all of the things they like about the condo and the agent then repeats what the buyer said to the other agent as “feedback.” Now the buyer decides to put a bid in on the condo and wants to negotiate certain points but they can’t because the buyer’s agent has already told the seller what they thought about the issue during the feedback discussion.

Feedback is not as innocent as a seller might think — and buyer’s should make the descision as to what is said with their agent. I know that buyer’s agents represent you (the buyer), but I’m just saying, be careful.

Less talking is usually better! Err … perhaps less blogging is better too.

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