I just came back from a Boston real estate conference at the Sheraton Hotel in the Back Bay. Listed below are a few points that you might find interesting.

* 1995 only 7% of homebuyers used the internet for their home search. Today 84% of buyers use the internet.

*81% of internet home searchers use a real estate broker to purchase a home.

* 1 in 4 workers have been with their employer for less then a year.

* The average person entering the workforce will have had 10-14 jobs by their 38th birthday.

* 23% of Americans rely on web technology to work from home. 62% of Americans would like to work at home.

* The first commericial text message was in 1992. The number of text messages sent/received TODAY will exceed the population of the planet.

* 24% of Americans polled say the internet could serve as a replacement of a significant other.

* Myspace and Facebook combined average 230,000 new users per day.

* Buyers are 900% more likely to find a home they purchase on the internet then in a newspaper.

* The chances of selling a property at an open house is less than 3%

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