Whether it’s signing on to rent a space that costs a good chunk of your income or piling in with six roommates, it’s hard to have no regrets when it comes to Boston real estate.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit the city in March, many Bostonians started to second-guess their pricey monthly rents — costs that reflected the proximity to the city’s diverse amenities. But with a newfound ability to work remotely and pandemic-induced closures of restaurants and cultural institutions, some residents say they wish they thought twice before re-signing their leases. In August, a Reddit thread titled “Anyone else regret renewing their lease close to the Boston area?” demonstrated this renter remorse.

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Boston has some of the most tenant-friendly laws around. Boston Landlords can’t leave problems unfixed, barge in without an appointment, or keep your security deposit for no good reason. You can protect yourself as long as you pay attention and know your rights before, during, and, especially, after you sign a lease.

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