Boston Seaport condos for sale: ( 29 Questions to ask) Before you buy

What are the monthly condo fees?
What do the monthly con fees cover?
Is there a Capital Reserve Fund?
Is the condo association solvent?
Are there any pending or contemplated lawsuits involving the building
Is the condo association self insured or insured by professional insurers?
Is there a Master Insurance Policy?
Is there a proposed increased in the condo monthly fees scheduled?
Are any “Special Assessments” pending or contemplated?
Is the Boston high rise condo building professionally managed or is it self managed?
Is the complex on the FHA approved list?
Is the Builder/Developer still involved in the building
Have all construction defects been remedied?
Are there any age restrictions affecting the unit or the complex?
Is condo association approval required before I may make changes or improvements to the unit?
How many unit owners are delinquent in paying their monthly condo fees?
What is the leasing policy if an owner moves or is transferred?
Are there any short term rental restrictions or limitations?
Are there different or special rules applicable to non-owner occupied units?
What is the percentage of non-owner occupied units (rentals) currently in the complex?
How are owner and visitor parking spaces allocated?
Can additional parking space be acquired?
What storage accommodations are available?
What is the pet policy?
Where are the noise sources affecting the unit and the complex?
Have there been any foreclosures or short sales in the complex?
What are the most common complaints voiced by the ownership?
Do unit owners have exclusive easements for right to use certain common areas such as decks, patios, storage 
May I have the unit professionally inspected before buying?
May I obtain contact information for the current Condo Board President, Property Management Company.

Boston Seaport Condos for Sale

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