The chart shows Boston transactions for the 3rd Quarter 2014. Please click on the real estate chart above to enhance and view 3rd quarters 2008 through 2014.

The chart on the side shows 2014, 3rd quarter condo sales data. Overall, the number of sales are down over 20% from the same period last year. The good news for Sellers is that the sales price for Hub condos are at record high for both the average and median sale prices.

Breakdown from 2008 through 2014:

Boston Condo sales

2008 – Number of condo sales 983.
2009 – Number of sales transactions 891.
2010 – condominium sales 671.
2011 – real estate sales 826.
2012 – Boston sales 104.
2013 – condo sales 1,156.
2014 – Number of transactions 921.

Average Sales Price Boston Condo

2008 – Average Boston condo sales price $715,062.
2009 – Average Bostonian sales price $561,062.
2010 – Average sales price $662,786.
2011 – Average condominium sales price $630,379.
2012 – Boston condo sale price $649,978.
2013 – Hub sales price $715,182.
2014 – $830,182 average sold price condo.

Median Boston Condominium sales price 2014

Median real estate transaction sales price 2008 – $460,000.
Median property transaction sales price for 2009 – $434,520.
Properties sold in 2010 median price in Boston – $475,000.
Boston real estate transactions in 2011 3rd quarter – $487,500.
2012 median Boston condo sale price – $525,000.
2013 Boston sales and the median price $830,182.
2014 median sales price $599,000.

If you’d like a copy of our 3rd Quarter 2014 real estate transaction sheets, please contact our Boston Beacon Hill office at 617-720-5454. You can also visit our office at 137 Charles Street in Beacon Hill.

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