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BioDefense Corp. will relocated from Lexington and take 32,500 square feet at 12 Channel St., in the Seaport District’s Marine Industrial Park, on Boston’s waterfront.

It just shows how great capitalism is, that a privately-owned dev … wait, what? The Marine Industrial Park isn’t privately-owned? It’s owned by the city through the Boston Redevelopment Authority? Wait, what? The city owns a 191-acre, 3.1 million square foot industrial park?


Here’s a great idea. Since the industrial park is “95% occupied by a diverse range of companies, including Advanced Electronics, Harpoon Brewery, Northcoast Seafoods and the world headquarters of Au Bon Pain”, now would be a great time to sell it, right?

Meredith & Grew Brokers 90,000 SF in Leases – By Joe Clements,

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