Boston condos

Boston condos

That was fast.

After insisting it had major doubts about expanding the number of so-called “micro-housing units” in the city (i.e. tiny apartments for young professionals, or so the theory goes), the city has suddenly retreated from that policy, amid some criticism that it was holding back construction of desperately needed new housing.

The BRA’s plan isn’t a total retreat. Instead of teeny-tiny 350-square-foot studio units, it’s now allowing 450-square-foot units near public transit. It’s also allowing one-bedroom units to drop from the previously required 750 square feet to 625 square feet, also with some apparent restrictions, the Globe reports

So it’s a sort of compromise, which we previously thought and still think was the wise course to take.

There’s no guarantee these micro-units will work. They’re not going to be truly “affordable,” in the rational sense of the word. They also could end up becoming non-hip and untrendy down the road. Then what will come of them?

But it’s a concept worth trying — and closely monitoring.

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Boston condos

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Updated: January 2018

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