I had a client once who bought his condo, sight unseen.

It wasn’t totally “buying blind”, however. He had been in the complex, so he was familiar with the building, its style, amenities, etc. And, he was aware of what similar properties sold for, since I was a buyer’s agent and could give him that information.

Still, I was very stressed about the deal, because I feared he would come to Boston, and on the first day, hate his new home, and take it out on me (it was a real fear, since I live in the building).

For some crazy reason, lots of people do end up buying new homes without ever setting foot in them.

Never, never, never do this.

And, if you must do it, take precautions, although, I suspect if you are the type to buy a house sight unseen, you probably fly by the seat of your pants about most things, and will just send money and hope for the best.

Dear Real Estate Adviser,

I currently live in California and plan to buy a home in Ohio. Can you advise me about buying without checking it out firsthand? Finances and a fear of flying are driving this decision. I can’t afford to move twice, so renting before the purchase is out of the question. Plus, we have pets to consider.

Unfortunately, we don’t know anyone in California to help us in this process. What are your thoughts?

— Julie M.

Complete article: Buying home sight unseen? Get an expert’s view – By Steve McLinden, Bankrate.com

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Updated: January 2018