This was previously announced, but there’s new information.

A once-desolate stretch of Washington Street in the heart of the old Combat Zone is fast becoming the luxury condo capital of Boston, with a local developer unveiling plans for a 28-story tower on Stuart Street.

Boston-based Weston Associates is briefing local community groups in neighboring Chinatown on a proposal for a new residential high-rise that would feature six stories of hotel rooms or offices topped by 22 stories of condos, said Louis Miller, a lawyer for the project.

That’s a tough block for a condo development. Although the Ritz Carlton (and Grandview, and Tremont on the Common) is right around the corner, that development benefited by having one of the best views of the city, plus it was the Ritz, plus the developers timed the market right.

There’s a hell of a lot of congestion on Stuart Street, plus there’s very little “community”. The Ritz Carlton didn’t have to worry about this, because I think most people living there either never went out, or let their butlers drive them around. I’m assuming the new tower will be geared more toward the typical condo buyer, and those people might want to live in a nicer neighborhood than it is, currently (no offense).

The area is apparently not zoned for a tower of this size. (How can this be? It’s in an area full of tall buildings, and borders the financial district. How and when did the zoning change to keep new buildings small? And, why?)

Such projects are slowly gentrifying Chinatown and pushing up rents, contends Karen Chen of the Chinese Progressive Association.

“This area is zoned for 150 feet and they are planning a tower twice as (tall). I am wondering whether they are taking this zoning as a joke,� Chen said.

I am all for new construction, but if it is true that the area is zoned for smaller buildings, then I don’t think the developer should be able to build whatever they want.

More details: Combat Zone site to go condo – By Scott Van Voorhis, The Boston Herald

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Updated: January 2018

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