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picture 11111There is a cool building at the corners of Tremont and Charles Street South. It’s the “Church of All Nations” building at 333 Tremont Street, a.k.a., “the Round Building”. (The current-day building was constructed in 1975; prior churches on the site were apparently more ornate. The building before the current one was torn down in 1963 so that they could build the Massachusetts Turnpike … and the Mass Turnpike Towers (ugh).)

Apparently, the church has moved out of the space and/or they are looking for tenants to fill the space when its not used for services, because a rental listing has hit MLSPIN.

Rent is $5,000 per month, short or long term.

I believe that the hall is multi-use; people have used it for church services, but also for community meetings and for theater productions. Don’t know if it’s “in the round” (I doubt it).

Also unknown is how this will affect the MBTA’s plans to bury the ‘third phase” of the MBTA Silver Bus Line in the neighborhood.

Maybe the Church is willing to negotiate a sale?

– Photo courtesy of Google Maps

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