Days after Harvard Square’s main movie theater closed, the owner of the Charles Street Hotel has purchased the property where generations of students used to watch Hollywood flicks on weekends and slow week nights.

Dick Friedman’s Carpenter & Co. is making it pretty clear that, no, the building at 10 Church Street will not be reopened as a movie theater. He has no plans yet for the site, but he has a pretty good track record of producing cutting-edge developments that people enjoy or are at least proud of.

But what’s a little curious about this deal is how fast the theater was sold to Friedman’s company. Do you think AMC Loews was a little nervous some sort of zoning restrictions being slapped on the property before it could put it on the block? Who knows. Whatever. But it sure looked like it was in a hurry to close the curtains for good.

File under: That’s a wrap!

Photo via WBUR