Coach Bill Belichick once said;  “I certainly respect the mathematical and statistical ways of looking at the game.”

Likewise I always find that the numbers speak the truth to a winning game plan. We are in the middle of a global pandemic and things are changing rapidly. When fear sets in and emotions start taking over, I always find that numbers have a way of bringing me back to the center. I remember, clearly, the fear and uncertainty of the great recession from 2009-2012. It was scary, and the focus was always on the future and what might happen. I also remember looking back after it was over and seeing that it wasn’t as bad as it felt at the time.

I have no idea how things will turn out this time. But I know, like coach Belicheck, I’ll keep watching the numbers, so I can stay grounded in the truth, if necessary I’ll change my game plan.

As for the Boston real estate, the market stats for our area have remained steady and Boston condo sales prices have surprisingly gone up. Looking at the stats for March 2020 compared to the same month last year, home sales are also up. However, pending sales (Under Agreement) for downtown Boston condos have fallen from a year ago, but only slightly ( -1.5%), which could suggest that we will see a minor dip in sales next month. This is the first statistical data that I’ve seen that shows a slight hint of a slowdown.

Like coach Bill Belicheck; I certainly respect the mathematical and statistical ways of looking at the game (Boston real estate market). And of today’s date, the Boston condo sales market is moving the ball forward despite of the coronavirus outbreak.

Boston Condo Sales Stats for March 2020 compared to March 2019

Median Selling Price in Match 2020 – $720,000. Compared to March 2019 – $611,000 

Pending Boston Condo Sales n March 2020 – 398.  Compared to March 2019 – 404  (-1.5% ) 

Boston real estate stat source: Boston Real Estate GBREB

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