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Here’s a (partial) list of new college dormitories currently under construction or in the planning phase, for downtown Boston. Currently, 2,500 dorm rooms are under construction, with another 1,200 in the pipeline, according to Banker & Tradesman.

Boston University, Student Village (phase II): 960 beds
Suffolk University, Modern Theater build-out: 200 beds
Suffolk University, Ten West Street conversion: 274 beds
Emerson University, Colonial Theater build-out: 364 beds
Emerson University, Paramount Theater build-out: 262 beds
Northeastern University, Kyu Sung Woo Architects building: 1,200 beds
Northeastern University, Cullinane building replacement: 600 beds
Boston College: a bunch of other stuff on the old Archdiocese of Boston’s land

This doesn’t include the proposal by a private developer to build a high-rise “private dormitory” behind the Fenway YMCA facility, on Huntington Ave.

Nor does it include the recently quashed (squashed?) plans by Berklee School of Music to build a 35-story tower at the corners of Massachusetts Ave & Boylston Street.

Meanwhile, Boston’s City Council passed an ordinance two weeks ago that forbids more than four college students from living in an apartment in the city, regardless of its size.

Source: BU’s Newest Student Housing Part of College Building Boom – By Thomas Grillo, Banker & Tradesman (subscription required)

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