This is exactly what you DON’T want to happen when you buy a home.

Eeka, a condo owner in Roxbury, was doing research on a developer’s plans for putting a single-family home up on the two small parcels of land behind her condo.  She couldn’t understand how it was possible that anything could be built on the land, seeing as it was completely surrounded by other buildings – there was no access to the land.

Funny thing.  Turns out that what she thought she bought, a driveway next to her building, might actually be a through-way, connecting the main street to the parcels behind her property.  At least, that’s what the city is saying.  Eeka begs to differ.


The deed to my home (the third floor of a three-decker) only has the floorplan for the third floor and the roof (which I also own). It does, however, state that there is off-street parking deeded to the unit. Since the house touches the property line on the left and front, and is very close to it in the back, there is actually not any off-street parking, if I do find out that the city is correct and the driveway to the house is city property.

Yeah, that would be a very bad thing to have happen.

Eeka headed down to the Registry of Deeds this afternoon to find out what the hell is going on.

My guess is that this isn’t going to be a problem easily solved.

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