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Although these are common mistakes of small space design, the following will help anyone planning to purchase or sell a Beacon Hill condo and make the most of their new space big or small.

1. Using disproportionate furniture.

This doesn’t mean to throw out your oversized furniture in favor of a Polly Pocket-sized couch. It means use proportions as a guide and make smart choices. For instance, your oversized couch might make the living space feel cozy. However, an oversized couch, a large ottoman, bar stools, and a 6-person dining table might crowd the space and make it feel cramped instead.

2. Filling every nook and cranny with something.

It’s tempting to use every available space for something, but negative space can help a small room feel larger. Embracing negative space will draw the eye to focal points within the room, help prevent clutter, and avoid creating a claustrophobic space.

3. Wasting valuable storage space.

Yes, this sounds contradictory to number two. Although negative space is important in small Beacon Hill condo, so is getting creative with the storage that is available. Do you have shelf space above door frames? Stairs you can convert into drawers? A pantry rollout? A bench with storage instead of chairs? You get the idea. If you’re purchasing new furniture for your place, consider only buying items that do double-duty, like a bed with drawers underneath or an ottoman with storage.

4. Having too much stuff.

Unless you’re purchasing a luxury Midtown high rise condo, chances are you’ll have to edit your belongings before organizing. It might be hard at first, but as organizing becomes a snap and you see how open your space feels, scaling down will become easier. You might even enjoy it.

5. Breaking up an already small space.

Part of the reason many Midtown condos have open floor plans is because it makes the space feel bigger. Whether you’re considering an area rug, coffee table, or decorative screen, really think about how it divides the space. Too many divisions in the room will only make it feel compartmentalized and smaller than it really is.

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