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I go through Dudley Square about once every two weeks.

During the day, it’s very busy. Lots of stores full of people, a very active MBTA bus stop.

It’s very congested. I think the traffic flow is all wrong. I think they tried to make things right by making some of the streets one-way, but I don’t think that’s helped at all.

The area is in the midst of a $500 million renovation (at least, according to the Globe; I haven’t seen much going on down there), and now, locals who have spent the past two (three, five?) decades dealing with urban blight, crime, and neglect, are fearful they will miss out on their neighborhood’s rebirth.

I can understand their fears.

However, they need to realize that, unless their neighborhood improves, it will either stagnate or get worse. There are trade-offs.

Government regulation and anti-business attitudes will not benefit anyone.

Criticizing the arrival of a Walgreens pharmacy is kind of silly, in my opinion.

Local business owners who say, “We want to share in the revitalization,” will, in increased revenues from a more active square.

I drove through the square a couple nights ago, at about 8 PM. It was dead-quiet. No stores were open, no one was walking around, no one was even driving around.

That’s depressing.

The neighborhood has a long way to go.

More information: Renewal stirs worry in Dudley Square: Some fear old stores will suffer – By Adrienne P Samuels, The Boston Globe

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Updated: January 2018

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