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The third (and final?) article of interest from this weekend’s New York Times Magazine is a profile of Dr. Edward Glaeser, economist and professor at Harvard University.

This guy is great!

Here I was thinking I had all these original ideas about public housing (such as, selling it all off), and then I go and read a story about a guy who proposed it, seven years ago.

His other ideas are a bit less draconian, but challenging and stimulating, nonetheless.

The New York Times article is long, but worth reading. Print it out and read during your long commute home, tomorrow. It is so relevant to us here, in Boston, and Massachusetts. It should be required reading in all of our public schools.

His focus is on housing, affordable housing, public housing, zoning restrictions, smart growth, and urban sprawl, among other topics.

He received some press (almost all, bad) last year, for proposing that New Orleans never be rebuilt.

I am surprised I’ve never heard of him, but am I the only one? That wouldn’t surprise me.

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Updated: January 2018

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