Perhaps you saw last night’s Daily Show With Jon Stewart. There was a story by Nate Corddry about a town in Connecticut that is attempting to take ownership a private country club, by eminent domain. The mayor of the town wants the country club to be open to everyone in the community, because it will be a nice amenity, and will increase property values, and, ergo, town tax revenue.

The bit on the Daily Show was mildly humorous (I’m not laughing as much, these days – they need better written stories and better correspondents!, plus, the producers seem to be milking the applause, much like they do on David Letterman).

What’s not so funny is the idea that a town/city would think it’s okay to takeover a privately-owned property, for some ill-defined reason.


I tried searching for more information on the Internet, but could only find stories on FoxNews and in the Wall Street Journal, and neither of those sources can be trusted.

Hopefully, this story will get more press, over the coming days and months. It’s probably an extreme case, but one, I think, worth getting your skirt all in a bunch over.

More details: Eminent Domain With a Twist: Village Wants To Condemn Exclusive Golf Club – By Peter Lattman, WSJ Law Blog

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Updated: January 2018

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