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Fear of Committing = Some “buyers” never buy

Boston condo buyers should take their time to find the perfect home.  Sometimes, however, they might never find that home.  Could it be that they are simply unable to commit?

By Teri Karush Rogers, NY Times


On the diving board of dashed hopes and denial paces an unhappy figure: the would-be buyer who shops for years but resists taking the plunge.

Like timid bathers, some just need time to acclimate to the chilly reality of what their money can’t buy. That process can take some time. Eventually, though, after long and careful looking, they do take the leap.

But others never do. They focus on flaws and high prices as a way of rationalizing an underlying inability to commit to real estate.

“There are so many levels to this situation,” said Dr. Ann S. Maloney, an Upper East Side psychiatrist who recognizes the routine guises of denial. “A lot of people will say they are afraid of losing their investment. The classic is, ‘We’re looking for a perfect place.’ The next one is, ‘We’re waiting for what we can afford.’ “

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