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Recently, at Boston, in the news I’ve being hearing about how the CEO of Microsoft tried to justify how women should or shouldn’t ask for raise. I find this very unfamiliar territory for me, reason being, I’ve always found the women in my life were more assertive when asking for a raise compared to the male counterparts.

Case in point, my highest producing Boston real estate agent is a female, she’s also making a higher commission split compared to the male agents that are working for me.

As stated above, you’d think, listening to the original comments made by the CEO of Microsoft that females lack the fortitude to ask for a raise compared to men, when in reality, I think its always been the other way round. Watch this television clip of “I Love Lucy” back in 1952 and tell me who was the more assertive person in asking for a raise, Lucy or Ricky:

Funny video how females are better negotiating

Please note: If you ask for a raise and threaten to quit if not accepted, make sure you have a back up plan, whether male or female.

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Updated: November 2017

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