Yeah, the following post on the Redfin blog is biased in favor of using a real estate agent when you sell, but it doesn’t mean it’s not true what they say. It’s about selling your home without an agent, as well as buying a home, directly from the owner.

I used to think that “for sale by owner” houses were a good way for home buyers to save a little dough. After all, a seller without an agent saves the five or six percent commission. In theory, that savings would be passed along to a buyer. The buyer gets a good deal, the seller nets more than what he or she would get with a Realtor and enjoys the competitive advantage of pricing a home for a quick sale.

That’s what I used to think. Then I started visiting FSBO’s.

Source: A Buyer’s Perspective on the Pitfalls of FSBOs – By Pamela Reynolds, Redfin Boston blog

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