A local Globe columnist spends hours searching through the local registry of deeds for information on her neighbors.

I was house hunting in Metro West, first-time buyer, former business-news writer, and incorrigible bear on the housing market. I had found like-minded cranks on Boston.com’s real estate message board, a cast of oddballs who seemed like truckers swapping tips on their CBs, except the stuff here involved, say, the latest dismal housing starts report or slumping lumber prices, all greeted with ghoulish delight. I loved these people. It was here that I was introduced, by a fellow traveler in housing flotsam, to an irresistible website, Masslandrecords.com, my portal into the finances of anyone with a mortgage in Massachusetts, and into my own moral quagmire.

I, myself, use the Suffolk Registry of Deeds site to gather information.

Oh, to save you time: two loans, $395,100 total, both fixed-rate.

More: Confessions of a Mortgage Stalker – By Linda Keenan, The Boston Globe

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