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Norman J. Radow brings out the worst in some people. They scream at him. They sue him. He has even been punched in the face.

What has he done to deserve this? In a word: workouts.

The New York Times has written an article about Mr. Norman J. Radow that mentions a development (Grandview – Tremont Street) in Boston.

From today’s New York Times:

In 2003, Lehman sent him to Boston to rescue a failed condo tower. There had been a fire after the bank foreclosed on the mortgage. Radco repaired the damage and quelled labor unrest. At one point, Mr. Radow says, a union elevator operator punched him in the face when he absent-mindedly pushed the button for his floor. “He said, ‘This is a union job!’ ” Mr. Radow remembers, massaging his jaw.

There were some things his company couldn’t fix. Ceilings in the tower were seven and a half feet high, about a foot and a half less than typically found in luxury condos. “He tried to squeeze an extra floor into the building,” Mr. Radow says of the project’s developer, William Matt. Mr. Matt declined to comment.

To help solve the height problem, Mr. Radow hired only sales people who weren’t much taller than 5 feet. He sold all the units, and Lehman Brothers was thrilled.

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