Women attacked at 45 Province Street, from Channel 5 News:

Richard Morse, 48, of 444 Harrison Ave., Boston, was charged with carjacking, assault and related offenses in connection with the incident at 45 Province Street, police said.

Pero, 61, who was attacked as she was leaving her daughter’s condominium at 45 Province Street, was later treated for defensive knife wounds to her hands, prosecutors said in court.

“I just couldn’t believe what was happening to me,” Pero said. “He just jumped in the car on top of me. He had a knife. He stabbed me in several places. I went after his eyes. I just started screaming and screaming and screaming.”

Pero said her attacker told her he’d kill her if she yelled, then nicked her with a knife and took her car keys. She said she fought back, trying to gouge his eyes.

She said he tried to start her car and couldn’t, so he then grabbed her purse and fled.

Pero said she was scared her attacker would kill her but she screamed for help anyway. He was pursued by a valet worker, identified as Felix Vega, 23, and a witness, and Morse was arrested a short distance away.

Vega, an employee of Laz Parking, was commended by his employers for his “swift action last night.”

“We are extremely grateful for his bravery,” said Jeff Karp, President LAZ Parking LLC.

Morse, who has prior criminal convictions according to the district attorney’s office, pleaded not guilty and bail was set at $150,000. A probable cause hearing was set for Dec. 21.

File Under: Bad marketing press for 45 Province St. Hmm…The W is starting to look good.

Source: Channel 5 news: Carjacking Victim: I Screamed away at 45 Province St luxury condos

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