For the last three or four years, it has unquestionably been a “seller’s market” for Boston Midtown condos for sale. Housing values have increased since 2007 and banks are lending at near all-time low interest rates. New programs like FHA have made it easier than ever for first time home buyers to enter the Boston Midtown condo market, even with less than ideal credit and barely any down payment.

Fast forward to  the end of November 2018, a buyers market in the making, and what we’re seeing an increase in Boston Midtown/Downtown condos for sale, and increase in all Boston condos for sale When homes do come on the market, they are taken longer to go under agreement now more than ever. In the past when  hit the market and receive multiple offers within the first week, not any more. Bottom line, while the low interest rates and still (for now) low rates signal good buying conditions, it is no longer a “seller’s market.” If you are still on the fence about purchasing your first Boston Beacon Hill condo a Boston Midtown condo I’d recommend making the move soon.

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